Art Speak Interviews

Make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy these conversations with emerging and established contemporary artists including Trudy Montgomery, Paul Wadsworth, Malcolm Taylor, Robert Szot, Caroline Bailey and Matthew Burrows MBE.

Alex McCarthy in Conversation

Alex McCarthy chats about his route to becoming a full-time ceramic artist, some of his techniques and what he thinks... See more

In Conversation with Nicholas Wilton – Artist & Founder of Art2Life

Calling all artists - get ready to be inspired by one of the world's most inspirational art teachers and painters. Founder of the hugely successful CVP (Creative Visionary Programme) & FREE Art2Life workshops, in this interview, Nicholas Wilton shares his journey and techniques with generosity, sincerity and warmth.

In Conversation with Gordon Ellis-Brown

Photographer & mixed-media artist Gordon Ellis-Brown chats about his fascinating work which combines native art and symbolism with space-age images. He also talks about exhibiting at art fairs, Newlyn Art School's mentoring course & his passion for typography.

In Conversation with Saul Cathcart

In this interview I chat with popular Cornwall-based artist Saul Cathcart about his love of spray paint, pink, space ... and how he overcomes any artistic blocks.

In Conversation with wire sculptor Rachel Ducker

My full-length interview with wire sculptor Rachel Ducker – who chats about her first modelling of her boyfriend in wire,... See more

In Conversation with Painter Sharon Harvey

Sharon Harvey talks about her decision to train as an artist after having her family, how to (and whether to) approach galleries, being a woman artist and how to find your artistic focus. Articulate, engaging and funny, Sharon's lovely abstract and figurative work reflects her deep love of place and idealistic nature.

In Conversation with artist Roger Davies

Roger Davies’ instantly likeable and distinctive paintings reached a new, large audience when he was featured on the BBC’s Home... See more

Roger Davies Preview

I came across artist and musician Roger Davies when he appeared on the BBC’s Home is Where the Art is.... See more

In Conversation with Christine Cummings

Ceramic artist Christine Cummings makes characterful animal sculptures. Here she chats about her path to becoming a full-time artist and about her pig, Jezebel, who used to eat toast for breakfast!

In Conversation with Abstract Artist Robert Szot

New York-based artist Robert Szot is a bit of a hero amongst amateur and professional artists alike, and his beautiful abstract works have won him a well-deserved following in the US, UK and elsewhere. In this interview you will see him as - probably - never before! Listen to Robert chat candidly about everything from his work and love of Edith Piaf to how he would cope on Mars and answering that all-important question for a Texan living in NYC - bagels or BBQ? He's profound, funny and inspiring ... so pour yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy!

In Conversation with Maxine Hart

Cornish painter Maxine Hart chats about her work, combining motherhood with a career as an artist, and how surfing, pasties and walking the dog fit into her busy life!

In conversation with painter Paul Wadsworth

Paul Wadsworth is a real ‘painters’ painter’.  His expressive works of the Cornish landscape capture the colour, rhythm and energy... See more

In conversation with Malcom Taylor

Painter Malcolm Taylor talks to Art Speak about his journey from railway designer to full-time painter. His beautiful abstract and figurative work is full of delicious colour, interesting motifs and characterised by a restrained sensitivity to subject and composition.

In conversation with abstract painter Trudy Montgomery

Abstract painter Trudy Montgomery is the first brave volunteer to chat to me in the Art Speak studio. In this interview, Trudy talks about how she made the unlikely transition from studying economics and political development to working as a professional artist living in Cornwall … via Silicon Valley.

Malcolm Taylor Preview

President of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, artist Malcolm Taylor paints both representational and abstract works of great sensitivity... See more

Paul Wadsworth Preview

Expressive Cornish painter Paul Wadsworth initially dropped out of art school to become a pavement artist travelling around Europe. He... See more

Robert Szot Preview

I know plenty of artists who are huge fans of New York artist Rob Szot’s work and in this interview... See more

Trudy Montgomery Preview

Watch the full conversation with abstract painter Trudy Montgomery on 1 February.