Art Speak Interviews

Make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy these conversations with emerging and established contemporary artists including Trudy Montgomery, Paul Wadsworth, Malcolm Taylor, Robert Szot, Caroline Bailey and Matthew Burrows MBE.

In conversation with Malcom Taylor

Painter Malcolm Taylor talks to Art Speak about his journey from railway designer to full-time painter. His beautiful abstract and figurative work is full of delicious colour, interesting motifs and characterised by a restrained sensitivity to subject and composition.

In conversation with abstract painter Trudy Montgomery

Abstract painter Trudy Montgomery is the first brave volunteer to chat to me in the Art Speak studio. In this interview, Trudy talks about how she made the unlikely transition from studying economics and political development to working as a professional artist living in Cornwall … via Silicon Valley.

Malcolm Taylor Preview

President of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, artist Malcolm Taylor paints both representational and abstract works of great sensitivity... See more

Paul Wadsworth Preview

Expressive Cornish painter Paul Wadsworth initially dropped out of art school to become a pavement artist travelling around Europe. He... See more

Robert Szot Preview

I know plenty of artists who are huge fans of New York artist Rob Szot’s work and in this interview... See more

Trudy Montgomery Preview

Watch the full conversation with abstract painter Trudy Montgomery on 1 February.