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April's featured artists: Alex McCarthy.

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Watch interviews with some of the world's most interesting artists on my new vlog, Art Speak. A new artist is featured each month and streamed here on my website, on Instagram and on my YouTube channel.

All About

What fascinates me as an artist is following the thread of curiosity – what do I want to be moving towards, and what to discard? Why is this important to me, and how can I take it further? I’m exploring and feeling my way towards being the best artist I can be, and trying to push the boundaries of how I can express myself through painting. My portfolio showcases some of my finished work and my journey.

All About

Finding other artists to talk to, for me, is like finding water in a desert! It energises, connects, and nourishes my inner creativity. A desire to reach out, and to discover what other artists think about, why they make art and get out of bed in the morning, was the motivation behind starting my vlog, Art Speak. What you’ll find here are interviews with a new artist each month that take you into their world.

Watch artists talk openly about how to sell work better, how they made the transition from amateur to professional, their techniques, and the day-to-day joys and struggles of jobbing artists. Pour yourself a drink, relax and enjoy watching arty conversations – from the funny to the profound – with big-name and emerging artists across the world.


Please take a look at my recent paintings. Most are for sale. If there’s anything you like or want to know more about, just get in touch.

Studio News.

My short weekly studio videos (on IGTV) share tips and thoughts about process, painting techniques, abstraction, mark-making and free video demos.

Listener testimonials:

I just listened to your (Trudy Montgomery’s) interview while doing my own large painting. I enjoyed it immensely. I love the way you talk about your art – poetic and passionate. And, like you, I see it as a spiritual practice. Brava!

Rena Diana, Baltimore, USA

I listened last night to your interview, Trudy. Best thing I’ve listened to for ages – you speak so fluently and from the heart – and Catherine’s choice of questions were spot on. Well done!

Lucy Powell, Artist

Thanks so much for doing these (Art Speak interviews). I’ve been looking forward to them. We have no art shows or TV or streaming down in NZ. Very grateful to you!

Nicola Welten, Artist, New Zealand